1962 Arctic Entreprises Inc.

This 1962 ARCTIC ENTERPRISES full time 4 wheel drive ( actually has 8 wheels and tires - 2 on each axle ) UTV driven by a Kohler single cylinder engine. It also has a complete Portal axle setup like a Unimog, forward and reverse transmission single speed, articulating body setup connecting the front engine body portion to the rear seating body portion then connecting to a driveshaft to the read end. The engine has a generator for the lighting and electric start with a 12 volt battery. The vehicle is strictly off road and has an extra set of wheels and tires which bolt on to the wheels to make a wider stance for more traction. It will climb any terrain and has torque like I've never seen. It also has a hitch on the rear to pull another trailer. I've searched the internet for over a year and cannot find anything relating to this which amazes me because it is in such good running condition and everything works as new. I will add more photos shortly. Someone told me that there was only 100 built in the early 60's but I haven't been able to confirm this. This vehicle is FOR SALE.

This vehicle also has a Factory transport trailer made of tubular steel which can be towed by any vehicle.

I can be reached at anytime at 541-660-1092 or by email at killerkart@hotmail.com

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