What It Is

What you'll see on the next page is my 1964 Black Plymouth Signet which was an original Black car with 273 V8 and 904 push button transmission.

Anyway thats how it was up until I got it in my possession. Although the original color is black, I repainted it around 1993 using Dupont Chromabase. I've owned this vehicle since 1990 and bought it from an older lady and also the original owner in Rockland County, N.Y. it was always garaged it and accumulated a total of 62,000 miles from 1964 to 1990. It still has all the original chrome, emblems, stainless steel moldings, bumpers, EZ eye glass, tinted windshield and overall stock appearance of a daily driver and somewhat of a sleeper in excellent condition. The 14inch 4 1/2" bolt pattern wheels are from a later model which sports small hubcaps and stainless beauty rings.

The first week in my possession I removed the engine, transmission, rear end, front suspension and all the electrical system and interior. It hasn't any visual rust on the body and you can practically eat off the bottom of it. The inner panels are absolutely perfect with original paint, and the complete under floor was re-painted with POR15.

The chassis has been updated by welding Alston frame connectors in place because this vehicle is of uni-body construction, these connectors mate the front frame to the rear frame and run through part of the rear floor section and is welded in place. This acts like a full chassis car so the body doesn't twist under power.

The front suspension is from a later model Duster because of its 10inch front disc brakes and 4 1/2inch bolt pattern. All bushings are urethane and the front sway bar has been mounted through the K-frame as noted in KitCar fame via Mopar Performance. It has an 8 3/4inch rear and a 3:55 gear ratio and sure-grip with a 4 1/2inch bolt pattern and longer steel studs for the wheels and a balanced driveshaft.

The engine is a 1970 340 cu.in. block with forged steel crank, a split duration mechanical cam, 10 1/2 to 1 forged pistons with early rods, Milodon gear drive, 2.02 valves in X heads with work done to lower compression to 9.75 It also has a Mopar M1 high rise manifold, The Holley 4 barrel is an annular discharge 850 double pumper and other parts include an Electronic distributor, Fluid dampner, the engine was balanced and clearanced to race specs and heads blueprinted. It has Fender-well headers and reciepts for everything. A Dynamic 727 push button transmission with reverse manual valve body and free wheeling 1st gear and a Dynamic convertor was built for the Signet using a 1962BB transmission.

The engine needs to be gone through as it was losing oil pressure right before it went into dry storage. The car was running and was on my way up north when it developed a ticking sound, at first I thought the header bolts loosened but upon viewing the oil pressure gauge and seeing it losing its oil pressure, I shut it down, the oil pressure was at 20 pounds. It was than I called a friend to come tow it home. Before he arrived I removed the driveshaft and installed the tow bar. That was in 2003. When i got it home I removed the headers, radiator, carburator, remote oil filters and all essential parts needed to remove engine from vehicle but got side tracked and never removed the engine to this day. I truly do not believe the engine is really hurt as it was built well but this was also the second cam as the first one went flat, a problem with flat tappet mechanical cams in that throughout the nineties. The engine was built by Olson Engineering but fucked with by morons in southern Oregon.

I also have another 1970 340 block, forged steel crank, Cam Dynamics 650" lift roller cam and kit and original castings of W2 heads. These extra parts are crated and formally belonged to Ed Hamburger himself.

The hood has been replaced with a 1964 Barracuda one because the open mechanism is under the hood emblem instead of in its original space which was easy to see above above the grill. The hood has also been cut to make room for the Shaker hood section which is connected to the carburator on its own, it too has been modified and built of metal and houses a K&N air filter.

The trunk is fitted with a JAZ 22 gallon fuel cell inside an aluminum case bolted through the cutout floor and 3/8inch aluminum fuel lines run the length of the vehicle. The front bumper has a 16 inch long 1/4 inch steel plate running through it and is connected to the frame, it incorporates tow tabs on the bumper in case it needs to be towed, tow bar fits in trunk.

The interior and all flooring including inside of doors has been insulated with aluminum incased jute, a heat shield and sound deadener. The interior has gray cutpile carpeting and gray leather Lexus seating. The dashboards face in made from 1/8inch brushed aluminum and houses all the AutoMeter gauges including a 5inch Tach and recall and a 160mph speedometer. All other gauges are 2 3/8inch either oil filled or plain mechanical.

The Body is Straight

The body is excellent and has never been in a wreck. The sides are straight as well as the doors, trunk and top. The hood needs finishing because of the shaker air cleaner. The bumpers need to be re-chrowmed but are in excellent shape never the less. I have an extra 1965 Barracuda grill which is quite different but will fill the cavity and look awesome, its been powdercoated and re-chromed. This vehicle has been finished twice but yet never quite up to my ever changing mind. I have these materials or parts either in it or ready to install

Ron Francis wiring system

Vintage Air Conditioning and Heat unit, never installed

Aluminum steering wheel

2 Electronic distributors, 1 Race - 1 Street

MSD spark plug wiring with Vari-angle ends to plugs

Hooker Super Comp fenderwell headers and aluminized dual exhaust with 4inch Stainless Super-Trapps straight out to the back bumper

Griffen Aluminum street radiator with 2 - Scotts electric fans

Billet pulleys and timing cover and billet timing pointer

Mopar Aluminum valve covers with billet oil and PCV thingies

Milodon Gear Drive

Lexus Leather seats with color matching naugahyde perforated Headliner and other interior touches

1/8inch Aluminum dash panel with AutoMeter gauges and Aluminum A/C ducts

Dual remote Oil Filters

Optima Battery in trunk with on-off switch in cockpit, Ot cables to battery and Engine Ground

Transmission cooler and Oil Cooler

Deep Aluminum finned transmission pan

Credit card Ignition ( no key )

More of the 64

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