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W2 Heads and Extra Parts

Below is a photo of original castings of the famous W2 heads which was introduced in the mid 70's. I got these from Ed Hamburger when he was alive and they are complete to the roller rockers and valves as seen in photo, right down to the head studs, nothings missing. The markings on the heads are D 3870810 NH 76 7-12 in different places.

The second photo is the 1970 340 block, markings are 2780930-340-6


What I Have is

Things on this page were gotten from Ed Hamburger Himself in the early 1990's and have the reciept. I have the Engine Block with cross over tubes, W2 heads, Cam Dynamics Roller cam and Kit, Studs, Forged steel crank, Rods and Pistons and most Bearings and they have been in the same crate since I bought them. The photographs were taken January 07.

The W2 heads are still used today on small block Mopars and make big power you can't get with almost any other heads.

I might not have everything, but yet an excellent start for an honest 550 horsepower engine.

If you're interested in buying these parts alone I may be intrested in selling them or even trading them for a street motor preferably a late hemi. Mind you, these parts aren't bought cheaply so if you've done your homework and you're ready to deal, you can call me anytime on my cell phone at 541.660.1092 I won't argue with you for any length of time and even have a crate to package them into. But be warned, I don't play games and neither should you.