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Pinstriping with Urethanes

When pinstriping with House of Kolor you must always remember to use the KU200 catalyst, as it not only hardens the paint but also gives it the gloss and without the Catalyst there will be no gloss. When using either of the Metallic Golds never mix in the Catalyst until you are ready to stripe, as the cup life will be much shorter than you can imagine, less than 5 minutes on hot days..... When mixing paint for a special colour to be used or stored never add the Catalyst until you are ready to use the paint. These paints are incredible to work with as the colour can be changed to whatever shade by adding a tiny amount of another colour.

Hand Pinstriped on rear gate of Chevy Blazer

This is a 6 colour design with a Charcoal marble centerpiece, its appx. 12 inches high and 7 inches at its widest point. Since the vehicle is Silver in colour, the marble effect was first to be applied. I masked out the centerpiece in frisket paper and using a '1 inch cut paint roller' rolled on House of Kolors Striping and Lettering urethane in a special mix of charcoal also adding a few drops of Catalyst as no clear coat was to be applied. Within a few seconds I crumpled a piece of saran like plastic wrap held in my hand and pushed it against the charcoal in a push pull manner several times to get the marble effect. The charcoal colour formular is 2/3 silver and 1/3 black. The design colours surrounding are special mixtures of Green, Orange, Tan and Blue. For the design I used a #1 Scharf Sword and a #1 Quill

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