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Execution and Layout using House of Kolor urethanes

This is a 7 colour graphic job that included lots of hand pinstriping, slinging paint, drawing and using a stencil for the Magenta, appx. 3/8 inch striping down the sides. The fender Scallops are 2 colours, Coral and Vermillion seperated by a Metallic Gold dot using a # 1 Quill, when using the metallics add the catalyst right before you brush it on as it will set-up and harden sooner then 10 minutes right in the mixing cup. The paint slung graphics going behind the fish are Vermillion, Lt.Blue and Lime and outlined in a Royal blue..........On this Layout as in all my layouts I used 3M #6343 1/8 inch masking tape, this will also be used to lean my finger against when I stripe. The fish were done using a pounce pattern with powder than drawing over with a Stabillo pencil. The appx. 3/8 inch Magenta stripe that goes down the sides was done using Finesse stencil tape F-4 removing the seperation piece for the thicker line, pulling the tape at a very slight angle but almost level with the body to make the corners so not to stretch, so the lines will be uniform. When removing the clear cover on the Finesse after you lay down the stencil, use your finger nail on the outter edge about 3 inches in from the end, it makes removing the clear cover of the stencil much easier...Finesse has a toll free number 800 228-1258 when you do reach them ask for Pepe' and tell him Joey Madden sent ya. They also make a tape called the 'Edge' which works like the 3M blue or green tape and is less expensive, Edge' comes in 1/32" - 1/16" - 3/32" - 1/8" - 3/16" - 1/8" thru 1"

Tracker 2000 photos: