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PT Cruiser done in October 2000

Triple line pinstriping from front hood area down sides around rear in special mix purple [ 1/2 Chromatic 152L - 1/2 One Shot 165L ] center line Chromatic 152L. Secondary 1/32" pinstripe scalloped to front fenders down sides and across rear to full design in special mix of Kelly Green[ 1/3 One Shot 132L and 2/3 One Shot 142L ] Purple and Chromatic 152Lblue. Hood done in same paint and colors. Layout using 3M 6343 1/8" masking tape also used for finger guide. Triple line stripe done with Finesse # F37, consists of 1/32" line - 1/32" space - 1/32" line - 1/32" space - 1/32" line.

Total time from start to finish 5 hours

Charge $250.

Pinstriped Vehicles: More Photos of my work