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PT Cruiser - materials needed

This PT was done using a natural sponge for the texture including a plastic fork to throw the paint on, a # 1 Mack 250 striping brush for the straights, 2 worn out Mack #1 brown quills for the owners name on the door, #2 quill and some flats for the EEYORE. Plus 3M #6343 1/8" masking tape for the layout along with the new green 3/4" masking tape and a roll of plastic sheeting to cover what is not to be painted.


Since the vehicle itself was silver, I used 1Shot Pearl Green and Blue Green and also my special-mix Purple with some silver 1Shot added for the marble effect after taping out with #6343. The pearls work best when on a metallic finished vehicle.

The EEYORE was painted by Jon Peterman using quills and flats, Jon is a very talented sign artist who works with me from time to time.

The name of the owner was done using worn-out #1 quills in a shaky script.

Simple & Effective PT Cruiser

Bright Blue PT