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Jeff Crank Artistry

Jeff Crank artistry of Redding California.

Jeff Crank is who I call the King of Redding, his work just blows you away. His artistry is a total committment of over twenty years experience on delivering the finest paint work anyone could ask for.

From his hand drawn sketches for his clients to full blown artwork on any number of surfaces, Jeff Crank delivers excitement on the most professional level for just about anyone.

Here on this upper page we see an airbrushed mural of 2 Polar Bears on a hood of an International Scout.

Top right is a project utilizing airbrushed riveted silver metal panels with real fire coming out and taking over the entire vehicle. This photo was taken before any clearcoat was sprayed.

The third photo is a sign on MDO for a hair cutting studio. It features hand brush work as well as airbrushing.

Jeff Crank can be reached on his cell phone at 530. 410.2281 between the hours of 9AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time.


DRAG BOAT: a Simple 3 day project